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A record-breaking humiliation

     Over the week, the Cavaliers suffered an embarrassing 112-57 loss against the Lakers on national television. This sets two Cavalier records: one for the least amount of points scored in a game, and another for the biggest loss in history.

     Needless to say, it was a humiliation for the team, the franchise, and all the Cavs fans out there. It also really brought attention to the fact that the Cavaliers are now the worst team in the league. Their 8-30 record is the lowest in the NBA, and have lost 19 of their last 20.

     There were multiple tweets from players about the night, and I’d love to link them, but they all (understandably) have foul language in them. Mo Williams, the Cavs’ point guard, said that he “can’t even show his face in Cleve.” Just as interesting is a Lebron James tweet, perhaps deriding the franchise after their massive loss. In it, he talks about karma, seemingly directing his statement towards Dan Gilbert rather than the whole Cavs team. While I’d love to take any chance to rag on LBJ, I must say that I seriously doubt his tweet is in anyway directed to the team, but rather the front office of the organization.

     And being a disheartened Cavaliers fan coming off of  a 55 point loss, I am in no mood to defend the owners of the franchise. It was their poor decisions in the past seven years that has got us to where we are today.


…and the swim season goes on…

     Swim season has always been a long, often painful experience. If you do the optional preseason practices, and go all the way to state, the season ends up being almost 6 months. However, the finish is in sight, as CHLs is only 4 weeks away, with state 4 weeks after that.

     It’s going to be interesting to see the times I go in the coming month, as it will definitely be my last swim season of my life. I made it my goal a couple years ago to make it onto the top ten performances in five different events; the 100 breakstroke, the 100 free, the 50 free, and both of the free relays.

     I had one of the best meets of my life over the week against Madeira, and I’m hoping to ride this momentum into the post-season, where I’ll need everything to go to state. Either way, I’ll be happy once the swim season is over after I hopefully get some life-time bests at Canton.

Return of “The Chosen1”

     It’s finally December 2nd, and, I’ll be honest, I’ve been waiting for this day for months. Tonight, Lebron James and will fellow Heat team will play against the Cavaliers. In Cleveland. This game might be the highest-rated one in the history of the NBA, and no doubt the world will tune in to see the real-life drama play out in grand fashion.

     Right now, I have only questions. Will Lebron do his ceremonious pre-game chalk throw? Will the Cleveland crowd cheer or boo for Zydrunas Ilgauskas, the other Cavalier to sign with the Heat last summer?

     And most importantly of all, will Lebron get hurt, physically and emotionally? No doubt Lebron still has emotional ties to the city he played in for seven years, but will the boos and derisive chants break through his mental defenses? Will the jeers and taunts really hit home, breaking the All-Star’s spirit right on court? Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part. Heck, just look at the line-up of well-prepared chants for the guy. At least one of those has to get under his skin.

     But something I truly don’t want to see happen is Lebron get hurt physically. Both teams can only hope that the most the crowd will do is voice their opinion with words, not thrown water bottles, beers, etc. Glass bottles are currently under a one-night ban to prevent fans from turning them into lethal objects.

     The perfect situation would be if the Cavaliers triumph with a crushing victory over the simply overwhelmed Heat team, as the crowd derises and boos Lebron everytime he so much as looks at the basketball.

Fantasy coming to life

     Over break, my friends and I finally started the NBA fantasy league we had been talking up for a while. Being the biggest NBA buff I know, I expected to crush my friends with great draft choices. On top of this, I found out that I got the 2nd draft pick.

     However, behind Kevin Durant, the obvious number one pick, the second pick was a tossup between several players. I decided to go with New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul, who I now will be rooting for night in and out. Surprisingly, my record so far is 11-11-2. Needless to say I was expecting a whopping 24-0 record by now. We will see if my boys Amar’e Stoudemire, Chris Paul, and Monta Ellis can step up their respective games and earn me some bragging rights over my friends this season.

One mess of a Top 50

     The WWE recently released a list of the top 50 wrestlers of all time, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin had a few words about it. If anyone had a credible opinion on the matter, it would be him, who is #3 on the list and was the man who saved the entire company during the 90’s.

      Steve Austin actually put it kind of softly — there are so many head-scratching choices that I have no idea what WWE’s thought process was. A lot can be explained through backstage politics, something that has plagued the industry and the lockeroom for decades now.

     For example, the legendary Hulk Hogan is number 23 on the list. That’s absurd. I don’t like the man personally, but he did monumental things for the business for over two decades of his career. The thanks he gets two positions behind Jerry “The King” Lawler, who never once won a title of any sort during his WWF career. Instead of completely retiring, however, WWE management thought it would be brilliant to utilize his high-pitched, weasely voice by making him a full-time announcer for the RAW brand.

     And in a choice that is completely absurd and defies any common sense, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat is ranked #7. This man is in the top 10 of performers of ALL TIME despite getting only one title in the business. The title he won was the Intercontinental Championship, a belt that historically nobody has cared about since its birth into the company.

     While any WWE fan can create a different top 50 list, the company really dropped the ball on this one and alienated a lot of fans.

When Trash Talk Gets Dirty

     I think that as he ages, KG’s knees aren’t the only thing breaking down. He must have lost his mind to start calling people “cancer patients” while on the hardwood. It might be a little hypocritical of me to blog condescendingly about trash talk, (I’ve been screaming mean-spirited things to opposing teams this whole soccer season) but Garnett went way too far in calling Charlie Villenueva a cancer patient. Villenueva suffers from a disease where he can’t grow hair on any part of his body — something that has plagued him since childhood and led him to start an anti-bullying campaign.

     Garnett has always been a heated trash-talker, especially in the middle of a basketball game, but he needs to keep the talk so its about the game, not irreversible genetic diseasees.

Life by Luke Glaser

     A quick summary of Luke Glaser’s family life might sound wonderful or just the opposite — a family of five boys. Luke is the middle of these brothers, but has earned some freedom after Tyler, the eldest, and Jake left for college.

     “Life in my house is a little hectic, even though there are only three boys left there,” Glaser explains, with perhaps a bit of underscore.

     Much like his older brothers, Luke plans to delve into the music industry, something in which he already has earned experience. His brothers have all been a part of various bands in and out of their college years.

     “I just started a new band with my brother Jake, Maria Carelli, Joe Tontillo, and Patrick Navin,” says Glaser. “As for genres that have influenced me, I’d say indie pop and folk.”

     “Over the summer, Jake went to India to help the local poor,” Luke mentions. “I probably won’t do something so extreme, but I really like ‘Full Circle Threads.’ It is a t-shirt company that commits their earnings to charities.”

     Luke is not the first Glaser to pass through the MHS Journalism class, though. His brother Jake, who currently attends Xavier University, took the class his senior year. With their interests in charity, writing, and music one and the same, it is a wonder what else the brothers have in common.

     Luke’s interest in everything music is evident even on his school schedule, as he is currently enrolled in Chorus.

     “Chorus is my favorite class, just because I can make random noises and get away with it,” Glaser explains.

     Over the summer, Luke went on a two week sister cities exchange program to Germany, where he lived with his temporary family. Luke is currently enrolled in German IV, and in past years his older brothers housed German foreign-exchange students. This year, he finally got to be on the other side of such a program.

     “It was the greatest trip ever. I lived in an apartment with my family, and we’d  go out at night to eat at restaurants and drink,” Glaser says.

     “This year, I’m just trying to focus on getting into a good college for next year,” Luke states