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NFL Draft. Royal Wedding. Prom.

    Can you guess what these three things have in common? They are things I won’t be worrying about nearly as much as my peers.

     NFL Draft? Bengals will find a way to be awful anyway.

     Royal Wedding? Still not even quite sure what this is.

     Prom? Not going, flat out.

     Ignoring these three things will just bring me closer to my true passion: NBA playoffs. With a stellar Game 6 matchup tonight between the Spurs and Grizzlies, I’ll have plenty of basketball to keep my occupied. This game is particularly important, as this may be the second time in history when a #8 seed beats a #1 seed in the NBA. I’m pulling for “the Grizz,” so let’s hope they can pull it out tonight against the Spurs.


Saying goodbye to the “Rated R Superstar”

     On the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, my favorite pro wrestler, Edge, announced his early retirement. It made enough of a splash that Adam Copeland, Edge’s actual name, was a trending topic on Twitter. The masses were paying their dues to the decorated entertainer, who acquired more championships than any other superstar in WWE history.

Chris Jericho seen here in a Cincinnati showing of RAW, is a fellow Canadian superstar and sent out his thanks and condolences for Edge's retirement.

     Though throughout his career Edge was one of the best heels in the business (a “heel” is the term given to the “bad guys” of wrestling), he recieved a standing ovation and chants of “Thank you Edge!” While holding back tears and admitting that retiring was a lot harder than he thought it would be, Edge was quick to thank every fan out there who has cheered and booed him throughout his 19-year career.

     He recalled attending a Wrestlemania as a kid, and after being inspired by the theatrics and showmanship, decided he too would become a wrestler. He admitted that he would have never believed he would have achieved what he has over his career. Between headlining a Wrestlemania against the Undertaker to sharing one of the most iconic rivalries of all time against John Cena, Edge will soon get the nod into the WWE Hall of Fame, which he deserves undoubtedly.

Box Score to a game I’ve watched over and over again

     I’ve watched the game countless times. It defined my childhood week in and out. Yet I never knew who scored the most points, who had how many assists, or how many fouls there were. I am of course talking about the legendary showdown in Space Jam.

     The guys over at Wired compiled the box score for the game, revealing some hilarious statistics. For example, there was not one rebound in the whole game — probably because there were only two missed shots, and almost every shot attempt was a thunderous dunk.

     I just thought of how clever and odd it was that I had never thought of the box score to a game I had watched weekly for years as a kid. There are a whole bunch of other interesting statistics (including a couple movie mistakes) in the article, and is a funny read.

One career over, a new one begins

     The cliche that a closed door opens another is ringing true for me right now. After an abrupt end to my 11-year swimming career, I’ve decided to lace up some new Nike’s and take them on the tennis court. After taking a 7-year hiatus from the sport, I’m not really sure what to expect, though I am assuming I’ll be pretty awful at it for a while.

     Luckily, I have a lot of friends on the team, so I’m counting on them to keep me motivated to stay in the sport. Just yesterday I got a fresh, all-white pair of Nikes, and my dad whipped out an old racket I never even knew we had. During a hit-around with fellow senior rookie Keeky Jackson, we were both shanking shots left and right, so while it was a necessary warm-up, it wasn’t exactly reassuring.

     Either way, I think having some fun on the JV squad will be a perfect thing to occupy me for this spring. Plus, I get to learn a sport I can play with friends all through the summer.

Break out your ‘Rocky’ Chants…

     …because The Rock is BACK! This Monday, in a moment that absolutely shocked wrestling fans everywhere (myself included), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson burst back onto RAW under the thunderous roar of approval from the crowd and his iconic theme song. Paired with his classic sunglasses, The Rock could have stole the show my merely standing there.

     But no, he wasn’t done. He then continued to cut a legendary promo that brought back shades of the 90’s, where swear words were tossed around like candy, and the obscene became the usual. Contrasted to today’s “PG” WWE programming, the Rock and his tendency for obscenities shone even more so.

     Although it looks like he won’t wrestle anymore, but is rather here solely to host Wrestlemania, I am still buzzing with exctiment over the announcement. Now I know what it is like to be a tween getting excited for a Justin Bieber concert.

     At least my idol is cooler.

Done for Life

     Today officially marks the last day I will ever have a hard swim practice in my entire life.

     You have no idea how good that feels to say. I’ve been swimming for about 12 years now. I’ve gone through multiple club teams when I was younger, These last 4 years on the high school team have been by far the hardest.

     The reason I know the remaining practices won’t be hard is because these last weeks will be what we call “tapering.” It’s hard to describe, so I’ll explain it like the oh-so-eloquent Bryan Georgelis did to me once: Imagine there is early dismissal everyday, you have no homework, and in half your classes you watch movies. That is what a tapering practices are like, though they are only the last two weeks of the season. I’m sure there is a much more scientific explanation, but all I need to know is that it makes me go faster.

     Either way, it’s an incredible feeling to be finally done with the soul-breaking sport that is swimming.

A punchline years in the making

     2011 may be the year that pigs fly, because Duke Nukem Forever is finally slated for a concrete release date. The reason this otherwise unnotable video game is making headlines, however, is because its been in (non)production for over 14 years.

     That’s right. Production for this game has flipped on and off for almost a decade and a half. Rights to the game have been hot-potatoed between four different game developers, and two different graphics engines. Over the years, Duke Nukem Forever has been a punchline amongst gaming communities, as they thought the game was done for.

     Either way, after a series of befuddling lawsuits and accusations, Gearbox Software has taken the torch to develop the game. Production for the game is reportedly nearly finalized, and the over-the-top shooter is slated for a May 3rd release. It will be interesting to see that, after all this time, if the game is even any good. While Duke Nukem 3D, released in 1996, took the gaming world by storm, the market has evolved immeasurably since than, and many skeptics think that the game may not evolve as fans have hoped.

     Overall, I think gamers are more excited for the thought of Duke Nukem Forever being released rather than the game itself.