…and the swim season goes on…

     Swim season has always been a long, often painful experience. If you do the optional preseason practices, and go all the way to state, the season ends up being almost 6 months. However, the finish is in sight, as CHLs is only 4 weeks away, with state 4 weeks after that.

     It’s going to be interesting to see the times I go in the coming month, as it will definitely be my last swim season of my life. I made it my goal a couple years ago to make it onto the top ten performances in five different events; the 100 breakstroke, the 100 free, the 50 free, and both of the free relays.

     I had one of the best meets of my life over the week against Madeira, and I’m hoping to ride this momentum into the post-season, where I’ll need everything to go to state. Either way, I’ll be happy once the swim season is over after I hopefully get some life-time bests at Canton.


1 Response to “…and the swim season goes on…”

  1. 1 Luke Wiseman January 9, 2011 at 11:50 pm

    Congratulations, Joey! Rock on! If you had a tweet for this, what would it be?

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