One mess of a Top 50

     The WWE recently released a list of the top 50 wrestlers of all time, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin had a few words about it. If anyone had a credible opinion on the matter, it would be him, who is #3 on the list and was the man who saved the entire company during the 90’s.

      Steve Austin actually put it kind of softly — there are so many head-scratching choices that I have no idea what WWE’s thought process was. A lot can be explained through backstage politics, something that has plagued the industry and the lockeroom for decades now.

     For example, the legendary Hulk Hogan is number 23 on the list. That’s absurd. I don’t like the man personally, but he did monumental things for the business for over two decades of his career. The thanks he gets two positions behind Jerry “The King” Lawler, who never once won a title of any sort during his WWF career. Instead of completely retiring, however, WWE management thought it would be brilliant to utilize his high-pitched, weasely voice by making him a full-time announcer for the RAW brand.

     And in a choice that is completely absurd and defies any common sense, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat is ranked #7. This man is in the top 10 of performers of ALL TIME despite getting only one title in the business. The title he won was the Intercontinental Championship, a belt that historically nobody has cared about since its birth into the company.

     While any WWE fan can create a different top 50 list, the company really dropped the ball on this one and alienated a lot of fans.

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