Life by Luke Glaser

     A quick summary of Luke Glaser’s family life might sound wonderful or just the opposite — a family of five boys. Luke is the middle of these brothers, but has earned some freedom after Tyler, the eldest, and Jake left for college.

     “Life in my house is a little hectic, even though there are only three boys left there,” Glaser explains, with perhaps a bit of underscore.

     Much like his older brothers, Luke plans to delve into the music industry, something in which he already has earned experience. His brothers have all been a part of various bands in and out of their college years.

     “I just started a new band with my brother Jake, Maria Carelli, Joe Tontillo, and Patrick Navin,” says Glaser. “As for genres that have influenced me, I’d say indie pop and folk.”

     “Over the summer, Jake went to India to help the local poor,” Luke mentions. “I probably won’t do something so extreme, but I really like ‘Full Circle Threads.’ It is a t-shirt company that commits their earnings to charities.”

     Luke is not the first Glaser to pass through the MHS Journalism class, though. His brother Jake, who currently attends Xavier University, took the class his senior year. With their interests in charity, writing, and music one and the same, it is a wonder what else the brothers have in common.

     Luke’s interest in everything music is evident even on his school schedule, as he is currently enrolled in Chorus.

     “Chorus is my favorite class, just because I can make random noises and get away with it,” Glaser explains.

     Over the summer, Luke went on a two week sister cities exchange program to Germany, where he lived with his temporary family. Luke is currently enrolled in German IV, and in past years his older brothers housed German foreign-exchange students. This year, he finally got to be on the other side of such a program.

     “It was the greatest trip ever. I lived in an apartment with my family, and we’d  go out at night to eat at restaurants and drink,” Glaser says.

     “This year, I’m just trying to focus on getting into a good college for next year,” Luke states

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  1. 1 teddymurphymusic October 15, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Luke sounds like a loser…

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